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Drawing on expertise gained both in the UK and internationally, The Licensing Advisory Consultancy provides tailor-made solutions to all aspects of licensing. As a result of our flexible approach, whether you are a Licensor or a Licensee, we deliver an outstanding service to guarantee accuracy and reliability, enabling you to focus on core business. From Royalty Examinations and On Site Reviews of Licensees, to Contract Negotiation and Administration. Cick Here.

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The Licensing Advisory Consultancy handles every aspect of the process - from initial contact to delivery of accurate findings - in a professional and timely fashion. If you have any questions, we would be delighted to hear from you. 


We can be contacted from at + 44 (0)207 717 5590 or


E-Mail us at info@licensingadvice.com


Who drafts your licensee agreement? Whether you have an in-house legal team, use the company solicitor or you cut and paste someone else’s, all agreements should contain: Click here.


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